PITCH: Just a Tall Tale

I wrote this a year ago, and with one of my best friends. I had started it, pitched the idea to her, and then we wrote it together in one night over a bottle of $13 fruity wine.

The film begins with two ‘average’, young girls in a cafe. One is showing off her new boyfriend, but has the concern that he is just too… good. The second pipes in, relating her friends concerns to an old news story she once heard, about a boyfriend who was seemingly too perfect, but was actually hiding a lot of secrets. The story begins with the friend fading into a narrator, and the scene switching into the “tall tale.”

The story follows a couple in their 20’s. Jane is a bubbly, quirky photographer despite her plain name, and has recently moved to a new city. Jane has fallen head over heels for Charlie, a mysterious but charming boy who works in the medical field with her step-brother. After Charlie convinces her step-brother to let him take Jane out, they meet at a restaurant for dinner where the story truly begins.

The film follows a quick timeline of Jane and Charlie’s relationship moving along, and the two becoming much closer. The narrator makes the statement that Jane could not find a single thing wrong with Charlie, he felt absolutely perfect for her. Perhaps the only seemingly off character in their relationship is, Nell, Charlie’s supposedly younger sister with a confusing Russian accent.

As time moves on various scenes play out, and eventually Jane and Charlie move in together. It is in the last scene of the story, where Jane is unpacking her boxes and accidentally opens one of Charlie’s, where she realizes she has made a huge mistake. The film takes a sharp turn when Jane has to make a quick decision, just as Charlie is turning off the shower.

The film ends with the two girls back in the cafe, and girl two has just finished narrating the story. Girl one is astonished, but shakes it off as if it probably wasn’t true. Girl two asks to see a picture of girl one’s new boyfriend.

The photo shown is Charlie.

My idea with this short film was to play with the elements of folklore and how tales can easily be spread. Yet, there is sometimes truth behind them, but they become over-exaggerated and the story becomes skewed with a fear factor.


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